Praise and Worship Department

The ministry of music is very important to our ministry. We believe that it is through song that spirits are soothed just as in the case of Saul and David.  The Bible says that Saul was tormented by an evil spirit and that David’s harp playing soothed him and gave him some momentary peace.  Music is spiritual and can be either used to worship the Lord or the devil. Music that lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ is music that’s pleasing to Him and that not only bring the Lord joy, but it draws in His presence to His people and aids in their deliverance.

True Worship is a church that flows in gifts of the Holy Spirit and many times the Spirit of the Lord moves us in song so that the worship is genuine and real.  The scriptures say that we should make melodies in our heart and we do just that.  Praise and worship should be prepared to flow prophetically at any time.


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